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Best Laid Plans // Joshua & Malia


Joshua had seen what she turned into during the fight. There was a time when such a sight as a were-transformation would have freaked him out. Now, it just went with the territory. Wasn’t the worst thing she could have turned into. Of course, he was curious… He knew enough about werewolves to know that she didn’t look like one. It was close, but not quite. He also knew that no matter what she was, bringing attention to it wasn’t the best thing to do. The last thing he wanted was to make her feel like a freak.

When he finished the last of the fortifications, Joshua turned to find a place to dig in until the herd passed. What he found was dismay in every angle of her body. Along with that, her claws were still extended, a sign that she didn’t feel safe— as if she needed to protect herself. There were predators outside, but as long as they stayed outside, no harm would come to her.

Letting out a sigh, he moved slowly towards her. His hands stayed in view at all times, extended fingers and exposed palms showing the innocence in his intent. Finally reaching her side, Joshua slid down beside her, back to the barricade. Only then did he hesitate, but the paused didn’t take long. Reaching around, he draped his arm along her shoulder and, with a hand, gently nudged her in his direction. He uttered two words, vibrating softly in his throat.

"It’s okay."

                 Malia wasn’t really aware of what the boy was doing until he had already done it. Safety was one thing that surrounded her as she looked towards him, eyes turning back to their normal color as her nails retreated. She hadn’t felt safe in the longest time. Even when the things were outside and she was in—- she still didn’t feel completely safe. This world had killed most of the people she even dared to care about— save a few who she was happy to see alive and well.

                 She shifts, letting her gaze fall to her hands as she tries to block out the sounds of the creatures outside. She had once felt like a monster, but after seeing what this world had fallen to, she no longer believes she’s a complete monster. At least she had a brain and sense enough not to kill people who were trying to help her. Leaning into the man she nods at his words, her eyes staring blankly ahead of her. This could’ve been so much worse, right? She likes to believe so. Someone could’ve died.

                 After many years struggling to survive, the young coyote still had problems with her survival instinct. Like now, she was scared and being scared while trying to survive never seemed to bode well for anyone. There’s a momentary silence as everything stops and then she hears foot steps and groans going away from them. That was a good sign, right? Unless they were looking for other ways in.

                 ❝Thank you.


          He doesn’t comment, half thrilled and just a tiny bit disappointed that no one knew. It might be easier, getting him to cave, if someone back home was waiting - but it was just her. And a handful of crazy Hales back home waiting for the pale human. So, no rush. Licking his lips, he glanced at her as she went along with his suggestion about chicken.

     ”I’m just gonna order drive-thru. I don’t feel like stopping and dealing with cranky workers.”

          He doesn’t really wait for her answer, immediately pulling up to the window and placing their order. He doesn’t care if she wants to go in, or go to his place - he’s ready to go home and take a nice, long sit down. And maybe watch some crappy television.

                 She purses her lips when they go through the drive thru. She’s pretty sure that if she dealt with people at the moment she’d probably try and eat them instead of the food and that could potentially be bad, so she folds her arms behind her head and right now she shouldn’t argue with the boy—- even if she wants to.

                 ❝So you’re really not even gonna think about heading back? Cause I don’t think I can go back unless you do. I don’t think Derek will accept that to be completely honest. So I might just keep coming back, bugging you.

                 She’s trying to be sneaky and make him fall for what she’s saying, but at the same time she has a feeling in the pit of her stomach that he won’t listen and he’ll just roll his eyes—- or kick her out.



         ❛ It should thought. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about something you
           had no control over. I     when my mom died I always carried this guilt
           like it was my fault and I could have done something. But there wasn’t
           anything I could do, she was bound to die, I shouldn’t feel guilty for it
           and you shouldn’t feel guilty for it either. That’s also not true, you could
           have hurt me in Lydia’s basement at the boat house but you didn’t,
           you have control now. How are you going to find her, you know nothing
           about her. 

                 ❝Right— but you didn’t kill her. You weren’t the thing that killed her.
                   —— I know she’s a Desert Wolf, so I think I’m gonna head back
                   down to Mexico. There’s deserts there, right? So I could just
                   go there and maybe howl a bit or something? Maybe? I don’t
                   know, Stiles. I just have to do something. Get out. Go somewhere.


he was well aware of just what stiles had told her about him and, if anything, that only made him want to completely ruin everything he had taught the coyote even more. maybe it was just a little bit cruel of him, but it was all in good fun. mostly. it wasn’t like he was going to tell her something that could potentially get herself killed. no, he was just going to confuse her for a little bit. it was nothing. really. he almost didn’t even feel bad for her being caught in the middle of their pettiness. }

                  ”Who the fuck cares, though? I mean, as long as people can still understand
                  what you’re trying to say, why the hell try to be perfect and proper all the time?
                  That’s absolutely no way to live life.”


                 [ she smiles at the beta, liking the way that he was thinking.
                   obviously the two though alike and she was grateful to have
                   someone who wasn’t telling her ‘no malia’ this and 'no malia' 
                   that. she hated feeling like a child all the time. she hated the
                   way they all looked at her. she shifts slightly and grins more
                   to herself. he was right, right? maybe that’s why they didn’t—-
                   stiles didn’t want her listening to him. ]

                 ❝Yeah—- you’re right, but I also can’t live like a savage.
                   I mean I was a coyote for a good portion of my life and
                   still occasionally find the urge to pee on things that I


                      “I’m not even gonna answer that.

                       And he’ll ask you out, trust him.”


                      “It has been a while, and he’s been….
. You know…with other girls. And
                       guys sometimes. His nickname is well
                       earned, and I think he’s almost proud
                       of it? But enough of about Asher and
                       me, we need to get you a dress.”

                 ❝If you say so. You are his sister after all.

                 ❝Well I mean I’ve had a few—- friends,
                   but it doesn’t mean that things don’t
                   or won’t change, y’know? Ha. A dress.
                   I almost forgot. I’m gonna make a fool
                   of myself.



"Yes. I want you to leave him. I want you."

                 ❝You can’t just—- I can’t just. This is wrong. Oh my god.



              Thin lips pursed lightly as a hand found it’s way into his pocket. This
               was getting pretty awkward. It wasn’t the ending he was hoping for
               but also glad they somewhat saw eye to eye, which was his main
               goal to be on decent terms with her. Other hand brushed the back
               of his neck feet turning getting ready to leave since there was
               nothing more to say. 

        ❛ Well there’s no more secrets. I wanted to apologize
           in person, and well I guess I’ll be leaving. 

                 She stays quiet for a few minutes, dropping her gaze and nodding.
                 He should go, right? Yeah, that’s what people did when they fought
                 or whatever. They left— or she’d kick him out. Either one worked, didn’t
                 it? There’s a sigh followed by a heavy gaze as she bites down on her
                 lower lip. Right. Go. So she turns towards the door and opens it back
                 up for the boy.

                 ❝Alright then,”if that’s what you want.
                   You can go.


randomly tagging shecoyote

"I figured that if you’re trusting me to help you find your mother, then I should come out with it before anybody else gets the chance to tell you…" Peter turned his head to look over at her. "I don’t know if they told you that Meredith was the benefactor, but did they also happen to tell you where she got the idea from?"


                 ❝No. Apparently they don’t like telling me things—-❞ She pauses, her attention falling on her apparent father as an eyebrow raises. She’s not stupid. She has a feeling where this is going and she rolls her eyes. Of course it was him. Why wouldn’t it be. If only she could choose her family… ❝You? I’m guessing? Considering you’re here asking me…

will the truth set me free?


( shecoyote )

          he never meant to let it get this far. never meant to keep this secret from her for so long. it wasn’t even his secret to keep. what, exactly, lydia had been thinking by telling him.. just because he was seeing malia in a capacity of more than friends, why was it his responsibility? it wasn’t. he didn’t believe that. he wouldn’t believe that. any number of the pack could tell her. b u t 

          he felt obligated to tell her now. no. not obligated. wanted to tell her. after last night at the lake house. her letting him in like that. letting her help. something inside of him had just decided, yes - okay. this one is mine. and i’m going to protect it. and n o w

          they were supposed to be studying, and stiles had actually planned on doing just that. but when she got there, and he was watching her, he just. he couldn’t focus. he couldn’t sit beside her on his bed and pretend everything was normal. he just couldn’t. so, here he was. pacing and rubbing the back of his neck as he glanced at her every so often. the file he had lifted from the police station was tucked into the top drawer of his desk, but he couldn’t bring himself to get it. not y e t … 

                    “there’s something you should know…”

                 she’s not sure why, but the boys fidgeting more than usual and it’s more distracting than she’d like to admit seeing as her attention falls on him and she ends up, bumping her shoulder with his, before turning her attention back to the math that she’s been trying to figure out for hours now. okay. maybe not hours, but long enough.

               when he speaks, she turns her attention completely towards him. she had a feeling he was keeping something from her. was he going to actually tell her now? gaze lingers as she rolls onto her side, shoving the math book aside. her head kind of hurt from all the numbers, but she wasn’t going to admit to that out loud.

                 silence is something that captures the room and now she finds herself fidgeting. this wasn’t right. she was spending too much time with the spastic human. once again, not complaining, but she moves her arms to her side and stops moving her hands. what was he going to say? was he going to tell her to get out? what was it that he had been keeping from her? granted they didn’t need to tell each other everything, but in a sense he was her human. not that she was possessive or anything.

                 ❝What is it?