I'm so happy you're not mad at me anymore.

                 ❝Well to be honest I wasn’t mad the whole time. Just hurt.

Teen Wolf 4x11 ‘A Promise to the Dead' promo (x).

malia tate in m o n s t r o u s  (4x10)


Wow, so I reached MORE followers than my last follow-forever. So I’m doing it again..

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"Because I was scared. I couldn’t face you before."

                 ❝And you suddenly can? You want me to leave him?



"Maybe he will come around eventually,
 yeah? Stranger things have happened
 in this town.”

                 ❝Stranger than a werecoyte
                   having a half human baby
                   at the age of seventeen?



"I move all the time, I can’t
 help it if that habit follows
 me into my sleep.”

                 ❝Sure you can’t.

                 She’s trying to joke. It didn’t work.
                 It doesn’t matter though, because
                 she’s walking over to his bed, curling
                 up on it.

                 ❝Just keep telling yourself that.



    ❝ It does. It hurts so much and I don’t think you’ll ever understand how badly it hurt me to keep this from you.❞

                 ❝And it hurt me too. In the long run? Telling me was better.

                 Gonna go hide on Cora. Replies are in the queue.

Don’t ever feel obligated to reply fast even if I do.
If you need a day, a week, or several, it’s fine.
If you don’t have the muse for our thread, it’s fine.
If real life strikes, it’s fine.
If you just don’t feel like it, that’s fine too.

The point is; it’s all fine. Take your time. RPing is for fun, it’s not a job.