❝ everything about him just screams PATHETIC. ❞

                 ❝are you sure we’re not talking about you right now? He doesn’t cry. Ever.❞



            “Coyote complex –– I should have smelled that,
              but it has been a long time since I’ve smelled one.
              Whose your pack?”


                 ❝Are you implying that I smell? The only
                   current pack in Beacon Hills is the McCall
                   pack. Scott McCall’s our Alpha.❞



           ”Worried about what you are. Not about
             punching. I can certainly take care of
             that. But I need to know what you are.
             Cause we are in Beacon Hills afterall.”

                 ❝I have a monthly coyote complex, but
                   other than that? I’m just your average
                   human being— who can’t get hired
                   because of her wild behavior.❞



           ”Intimidated by your awesomness? That’s what
            you’re relly gonna go with. It’s
            not that I don’t want to hire you. Just worried.”

                 ❝Worried about what? I promise not to
                   punch anyone— unless they’re being
                   an ass. So, no worries?❞

                 ❝So, will you at least give me a shot at working here?
                   I mean— I know no one else will hire me, but that’s
                   only because they’re intimidated by my awesomeness.❞



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B E A C O N  H I L L S - C A L I F O R N I A.

In this supposedly quiet town stirs all sorts of supernatural creatures. Among them is werewolves, some of which were born this way and the rest were bitten and free’d of the pains of their past and given a “gift” by one of the last surviving Hale’s. Her Aunt, an Alpha in her own ways has gone and bitten other teens in the city and soon enough there is a whole group of werewolf teens running around and Dee is the only one that knows the ropes properly since her Aunt isn’t much for playing mentor. 


This will start around season 2, though characters that came into play during seasons 3 & 4 are more than welcome. It is an AU for a reason.

  • no godmodding/ooc drama.
  • this group is pretty much first in first served.
  • please try to be active. 
  • send me an ask if you wish to join.
  • track the tag: v; things have changed
  • have fun!
Disclaimer: there are no set names/face claims for this verse. They are completely your choice. 


mother of god

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