MERZY HERE;

i’m in shock right now like why would you guys put up with my lack of serious roleplaying & seriously low activity level?! Like, seriously why the fuck? I mean, I take forever to do replies, I’m almost never on here & when I am it’s just mindless crack! 
Somehow you guys put up with me so thanks.

And I know I probably forgot so many of you but it happens and I’m sorry, just know that I love you all the same *hugs*
                          I love you.
                                  You’re all my baes,
                                                         all of you. 

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                                W O L F
                                     and I
                                        ℓιкє it
                                      when he

                 aaaaand sleep. I’ll make my HP OC tomorrow. Night lovelies!

Running Up That Hill
by Placebo + 448 plays


Running Up That Hill - Placebo

{ text }

Isaac: wow, it's almost like most people sleep at this hour.
Isaac: but now that you've woken me up... what's up?
Malia: I sense sarcasm.
Malia: I'm currently wandering around. Home wasn't comforting.


     ”Right. But it’ll still be better to know

      how many of them we have to deal with.
      Be prepared and all that shit.

      Yeah. I don’t — work well with most people.
      But togethers better.”


                 ❝I just want this shit to be over with.
                   I did not change back into a human
                   to get targeted, alright?

                   Are you sayin’ you might work better
                   with me?❞



                   "I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear…
                   you don’t have a dress to the ball yet? 
                   What a coincidence, I bailed on my brother
                   before I could find proper shoes.


                   I’ll take you.”

                 ❝Really? You sure you wanna take me?
                   I haven’t exactly had the nerve to find
                   one. There’s so many and then there’s

                 ❝But lets go! It should be fun.
                   Maybe we can find you some

                 The look on Ygritte’s face when she’s all “You’re a boy that’s never been with a girl.”

                                I laughed. I love her.